[This page, is to simply continue the story of Ferdinand's bloodline, in a way as a sorts of backup characters, if I ever lose mine, for whatever reason.]

Charles Xavier de Nassau is a Grandelumierian nobleman, and military commander.. He is a member of House Nassau, son of Jean Joseph de Nassau.

Regency of Sophie - Seigneur de La Sarre

Charles would be born in the Chateau de Saint-Etienne, only his father, mother, and their doctor present, though his mother would die soon after the birth. His father putting the blame on the child, would have him cared for by a governess, never visiting him. When asked about the child at court, he would at times, call the child a 'murderer'.

Reign of Louis XI - Marquis de La Sarre

Charles would lose his father when he was 10, residing at court at the time, when he was first informed, he barely understood what it meant, until it was explained carefully to him, by his grandfather. Finally gripping the situation, Charles would begin sobbing, and do so, on and off, for hours. His grandfather would stay with him the whole time, and care for his grandson personally, until he was 13, at which point he would be, like his father, and grandfather before him, be sent to a military academy to be educated in the arts of being an officer. Quickly rising to the position of Captain.

Charles, would in the year 1760, graduate from the military academy, and begin his duties as a captain of the Imperial Army, being a minor part in the small 'battles' against the rebellions, aiding to put down riots and similar things, His methods were often slow, and potentially costly, leading to him rarely being given an opportunity to lead larger groups of men.

In the year 1763, Charles would become engaged to Marie Claudette de Montpensier, to seal an alliance between Nassau and Montpensier. They would be married soon after, and Marie would fall pregnant, fast. Leading to the birth of Ferdinand Joseph de Nassau. However Charles would die two years later, due to a hunting accident whilst on a military trip from court, a younger officer accidentally shooting him in the lung, leading to a slow and, miserable, death, much suiting to Charles' life style.