House Lowell-Brittany is a cadet branch of the Lowell-Burgundy House, and as such, is a branch of the Lowell Dynasty. The branch has existed since the mid 17th century.

History of Lowell-Brittany

The House of Lowell-Brittany was created in 1645, as a favour by Empress Anne for her younger brother, Louis Philippe. He was given the Duchy of Bretagne, which was raised to a Principality on his behalf. This was in order to prevent another Decade of Strife between a younger brother and his older ruling sister. Louis Philippe would go on to have a successful line of children who would all inherit the titles, and gradually amass several further territories.

Auguste Philippe would be the most successful member of the line, gaining several territories, such as the County of Perche, Touraine and Limoges.


  • Prince of Bretagne
  • Duke of Rennes
  • Duke of Anjou
  • Marquisate of Alencon
  • County of Retz
  • County of Maine
  • County of Touraine
  • County of Perche
  • County of Limoges
  • County of Roche-sur-Yon

​Notable Members

  • Sophie Antoinette
  • Auguste Philippe III
  • Alexandre Constantin
  • Auguste Philippe
  • Marie Philippine
  • Louis Xavier
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