The House of Lowell-Burgundy is the current ruling house of Grandelumiere.

History of Lowell-Burgundy

The House of Lowell-Burgundy was created when, in 1360, Isabella of Bourbon, youngest daughter of Duke Peter I of Bourbon, married the local Lord Charles Lowell. Due to his lower status, the names were combined to Lowell-Bourbon, creating the new noble House. As Lord Charles held land in Burgundy, he had some connection to Duke Philip of Burgundy. When Duke Philip died, the Duchy of Burgundy was fought over by Lowell-Bourbon and France when both of them set dual claim to the land. After a two-year long war with France, he successfully annexed the Duchy of Burgundy into his newly formed Kingdom of Grandelumiere.

As his successors began gaining more territory, Grandelumiere transitioned from a kingdom to an empire. Grandelumiere began taking land from France, and during Emperor Louis IV's reign, he had also started to conquer parts of the Holy Roman Empire.

France itself was taken into the Imperial territories in Louis V's reign. Brittany was taken by force in the same time period.

Charles V became Emperor in 1609, aged 3. His brother, Philippe Charles, would become the first Prince of Brittany from the House, and founded Lowell-Brittany.

Notable Family

  • Louis Philippe XI de Grandelumiere
  • Élisabeth Justine de Grandelumiere
  • Viola Marie de Grandelumiere
  • Sophie Antoinette de Grandelumiere
  • Louis Auguste de Grandelumiere
  • Marie Catherine de Grandelumiere
  • Charles Philippe de Grandelumiere
  • Marie Amelie de Grandelumiere
  • Marie Therese de Grandelumiere
  • Louis Joseph de Grandelumiere

Cadet Branches

House of Lowell-Brittany

House of Lowell-Valois

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