House Lowell-Valois is a cadet house of the ruling Lowell-Burgundy House. The House was founded in 1454, with a peace agreement between Empress Marie II and her brother, Henri de Valois. It is currently the most senior of the Princes of the Blood and as such the head of house is 1st Prince of the Blood.

History of Lowell-Valois

Lowell-Valois was created at the end of the Decade of Strife, which arose between Empress Marie II and her brother, Henri. Henri had been the younger brother of Marie, and due to the removal of salic law, Marie became Empress of Grandelumiere. This did not please Henri, who would have inherited the throne had salic law been in place. He, as a result, frequently fought with her, which escalated into civil war.

Nobles fought for both sides in various conflicts, while simultaneously fighting the French. The House would remain the most senior branch of the Lowell cadets, and as such would lay claim to the title of Monsieur le Prince. This marked them as the most senior of the Princes of the Blood.

It has since become one of the Great Families of the Realm and outranks the majority of other Houses bar Lowell-Burgundy.


  • Duke of Orleans
  • Duke of Reims
  • Duke of Valois (Primary Seat and most Senior title)
  • Count of Bar
  • Count of Sancerre
  • Count of Vosges

Notable Members

  • Isabelle Madeleine de Valois [Current Duchess of Valois]
  • Elisabeth Justine de Valois [Current Empress Consort]
  • Anastasie Genevieve de Valois [Mother of Louis XI]
  • Marie Victoire de Valois [Empress Consort to Louis Francois]
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