House Montpensier is a part of the Greater nobility of Grandelumiere, one of the noblesse d'épée historically.


The House was formed out of the historic Duchy of Auvergne in 1539 as Grandelumierian forces captured the remaining remnants of the old French Kingdom. General Jean de Guenne had served valiantly in the Grandelumierian forces. Though as he was not affiliated with any existed Greater House, (he had been born and raised in territory directly controlled by the House of Lowell-Burgundy) he was granted the newly formed Duchy of Montpensier and Barony of Rodez, as well as several other smaller Lordships which would evolve over time. All current members of the house are his descendants, who would build on his legacy.

The House was immediately known as one of the Greater Houses of the Empire. It would, over time, establish three Lesser Houses which would control the majority of the southern territories of the Montpensier alliance.

After the "Montpensier Scandal" in the 1750s involving Louis Henri, a former Duc de Montpensier, caused the house to suffer some turbulence over the next decade, though Louis Henri's successors were able to rebuild the legacy and reputation of the house, re-establishing Montpensier as a house much loyal to the rulers and the absolute monarchy of the Empire of Grandelumiere.


  • Duchy of Montpensier [Official Seat and Most Senior Title]
  • Duchy of Bourbon [Traditional title of heir]
  • County of Cahors
  • County of Toulouse
  • Barony of Aurillac
  • Barony of Rodez

Notable Members

  • Duc Henri François II de Montpensier [Duc de Montpensier, Head of House]
  • Duchesse Anne Genevieve de Montpensier [Duchesse de Montpensier, Spouse of the above]
  • Louis Charles de Montpensier [Duc de Bourbon, Eldest son of both above]
  • Duc Philippe Charles III de Montpensier [Former Duc de Montpensier, deceased]
  • Marie Henriette de Montpensier [Dowager Duchesse de Montpensier, spouse of the above]
  • Philippe Alexandre de Montpensier [Comte de Toulouse]
  • Marie Therese de Grandelumiere [Previous Duchesse de Montpensier, deceased]
  • Marie Josephe de Montpensier [Daughter of the above, mother of Emperor Louis Francois]
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