House Turbigen is a noble house based in the Empire of Grandelumiere. It is one of the oldest houses in the Empire. It was founded in the early half of the thirteenth century by an Ulmite nobleman whose land was confiscated by the Elector of Wurttemberg. It originally held the County of Tubingen, but has since been elevated to a Marquisate and granted other lands.



Tapestry portraying Karl von Ulm, c. 1230

House Turbigen was founded in October, 1238. It was founded by an Ulmite nobleman named Karl von Ulm after his land was confiscated by the Elector of Wurttemberg, due to Karl's preference towards the western, then Kingdom of Burgundy.

However, shortly after Karl defected his allegiance, the Holy Roman Army, after pleading by the Prince Bishop of Ulm, marched into the territory and reclaimed it for the Electorate of Wurttemberg.

In the 1660's, the armies of Grandelumiere once again conquered the region. The current count at the time, Tomas von Ulm, pledged allegiance to the Monarch of Grandelumiere. It currently maintains their allegiance to this day, and has sworn to never return to the Holy Roman Empire.

Current Members

- Frédéric Johann de Tübingen

- Viola Marie of Grandelumiere

- Charles-Léopold de Tubingen

- Jean-Baptiste de Tubingen

- Marie Adelaide de Tubingen

- Edouard Clement, Comte de Tubingen

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