House Utrecht is a Noble house of Grandelumiere. The House originally held the Barony of Utrecht but had been since expanded to hold the Marquisat of Oversticht, the most senior title within the House, and held by the Head of House.

History of Utrecht

Utrecht is one of the oldest Houses of the Empire, being founded during the Great Northern Conquest, a period of time from 1365 until 1383. The first Lord of Utrecht was Jean d'Utrecht, who was made Seigneur d'Utrecht in 1377.It is rumoured that the house has been tainted with a long line of incest.

Utrecht was granted the County of Gueldre in 1730 to the then Baron of Utrecht.

The original residence of House Utrecht, the Chateau d'Amersfoort burnt down in 1742 while the family had to flee the building. Utrecht is also known to be at the most Northern corner of the Empire. The only thing North of it is the County of Gronnigue owned by the house of Hollande.


There are several territories held by the House;

  • County of Gueldre since 1730
  • Barony of Utrecht since 1377
  • Barony of Amersfoort since 1545
  • County of Drenthe 1730
  • Marquisat of Oversticht 1742
  • Marquisat of Gronau 1771
  • County of Bentheim 1771


The main Family of Utrecht includes;

  • Jacques Clyde d'Utrecht [Baron de Utrecht, deceased]
  • Guillaume Ross d'Utrecht [Comte de Gueldre, deceased]
  • Sarah Amelie d'Utrecht [Marquise of Oversticht, Head of house, deceased]
  • Celeste Ludanbeaurg d'Utrecht [Comtesse de Gueldre, deceased]
  • Louis Francois d'Utrecht [Cousin to head of house, deceased]
  • Armand Louis d'Utrecht [Marquis de Gronau, Cousin to the head of the House]
  • Dyana Jeanie d'Utrecht [Comtesse de Gueldre, deceased]
  • Jean Antoine d'Utrecht [Marquis de Overstuicht, Head of House]
  • Athenais Victoire d'Utrecht [Marquise de Overtsicht, deceased]
  • Gaston d'Utrecht [Marquse de Oversticht, deceased]
  • Marie Louise de Grandelumiere [Previously "de Utrecht", previous Marquise de Oversticht and Head of House]
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