Marie Henriette (18th July 1717 - Present) was the eleventh child of Emperor Louis XI and Empress Elisabeth Justine, named Madame Sixieme from birth. She was engaged early on to the Marquis d'Alencon when aged 5.

Reign of Louis XI - Madame Sixième

Henriette Marie was born at the Château de Saint-Etienne on 18th July 1717, late in the evening. Her birth was not greeted with the same spectacle as her other siblings had been greeted with. However, a later ball would be thrown in celebration, along with a large feast in honour of the Emperor.

She was brought up by the Governess, Comtesse du Bar, as were most of the Imperial Children. She'd be sent off to the Fontevraud abbey in 1722, aged four, with her remaining sisters (the elder three had been sent off before she was born).

While there she was educated in all the usual subjects, such as language, dance, etiquette, writing, poetry, singing and other classes that would help her in the marriage market.

When she was aged 14 she was arranged to marry her cousin, Monsieur le Duc, Alexandre Constantin. This marriage would take place 2 years later when she was 16 and he, 19.


To her marriage with Alexandre Constantin she had six children, five of which were carried to full term, with their styles at the time of their birth;

  • Elisabeth Sophie, Madame la Duchesse (24th December 1734- Present)
  • Charles Guillaume, Marquis d'Alençon (17th April 1735 - Present)
  • Louise Antoinette, Mademoiselle de Bretagne (8th September 1735 - Present)
  • Stillborn Male (16th April 1736)
  • Jeanne Victoire, Mademoiselle de Bretagne (4th July 1737 - 15th January 1749)
  • Auguste Philippe, Comte de Touraine (4th July 1737 - Present)

Titles and styles

  • 18th July 1717 - 16th May 1722 Her Imperial Highness, Madame Sixième
  • 16th May 1722 - Present Her Serene Highness, Princesse de Bretagne