MARIE THE NORMIE HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH​Early Life at the Court of Louis XI - Madame de Blois Marie Sophie was born to Louis-Baptiste and Henriette Marie on November 4th, (INSERT) inside Chateau de Vendôme. She was given the title of "Madame de Blois" after her birth.

Marie Sophie's governess, Baroness Victoire Antoinette, often declared her as a writing prodigy, and she often encouraged her to write novels for Grandelumiere. Marie completed her first novel called "L'hiver Noir", which features a young boy born into high nobility and his family's struggles to maintain their influence and power within the Imperial Court when a harsh blizzard drowns Grandelumiere in snow, ergo "The Black Winter". It also features the viewpoints of lower nobility and a common family and their endeavours to survive through the the harsh weather, especially since food supplies had been cut out from the bitter cold. She has written many novels ever since and has grabbed the attention of many newspaper companies as well the most well-known newspaper company, Imperial Inquisitor.

Marie did not make many appearances in court at a young age due to her fascination with writing. She was often secluded in study rooms writing and/or reading a variety of books. She does, however, show a close, fatherly relationship with Joseph de Vendôme because of her parents dying from tuberculosis.

Marie also excelled in music and the fine arts. She has shown proficiency on the violin, harp and cello and has painted a miscellany of portraits. She also had a friendship with Madame Premiere, Amelie Eloise before her death in (INSERT).

Madame Marie also appreciated the subject of history, and she studied the history of Grandelumiere and its monarchs. She typically was found scouring the archives, and some of her novels reference the problems of previous monarchs, both figuratively and literally. Additionally, she believes that history is important, so the people of Grandelumiere will not repeat the same mistakes. Her governness also encouraged her to become a historian once she was of age.

Marie Sophie was arranged to marry the Duc de Normadie from House Lowell-Brittany on February 13th, (INSERT) at Cathedral of Dijon. She joined the family of Lowell-Brittany and became the Duchesse de Normadie.

Marie has wrote a total of 11 different novels and 3 different series. Her most popular single novel is her "L'hiver Noir" book, and her most renowned series is her "La Victoire" series with a total of 4 books. It features a girl in her twenties when her house goes into war with another house, and Grandelumiere gets split into two opposing sides.

Her books often have extended metaphors and hidden messages in them, accompanied by a recurring theme of war, apocalypse and disease. She inserts the viewpoints of many, including commoners, criminals, and Imperials. Some of her books also have been labeled as "pro-monarchist".

During her writing hiatus, (INSERT-INSERT), she travelled through Europe and learnt about the different cultures outside of Grandelumiere. She was amazed by the differences in every society, especially the royal society in Austria.

She returned to Grandelumiere to continue writing her latest novel, "La Société Royale" and to work for the Imperial Inquisitor as a journalist. To add on, Marie also works and maintains the history archives of Grandelumiere.

Madame Marie works as a journalist, novelist and a historian for Grandelumiere, continuing to write and work for the empire and is currently aiming towards becoming a Grand Officer. She is often seen in the Imperial Court.

Titles and styles.

November 7th, INSERT - February 13th, INSERT ​- Sa Dame, Madame de Blois.

November 7th, INSERT - February 13th, INSERT - Mademoiselle de Vendome.

February 13th, INSERT - INSERT - Sa Grace, Duchesse de Normadie.

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