Matthiue Staffel Guilloux (20th of June 1710 - present), son of the Duchesse Marie Jeanne de Nassau.


Matthiue was born in the family of Nassau but never knew his father. Matthiue was fond of Culture, art and religion on a very young age which made him unique.

Matthiue's coat of arms

every where he went he kept staring at all the portraits in the rooms. He also loved to listen to music. He loved to listen to orchestra's and choirs of the church. He also played on the Harpiscord himself. On the age of 14 he wanted to become a cleric and his mother agreed on it.

Climbing the catholic church

On the age of 16 he went to the Saint Abel Monestary as an Seminarian. He studied day and night on the bible and various other scriptures.

The abbot saw alot in him and sent him to the Avigon where he could be taught more. He learned About the different masses, what chasuables to wear and advanced in the Latin langauge. After 5 years he Became a Priest under his uncle Prince-Bishop of Dijon. On the age of 24 he got titled as monsignour and a couple of months later he became a Bishop. He was sent by the Avignon to Maastricht to the cathedral where he would stay. He went to Dijon every so often on vacation to visit. One day he found out his uncle was a serial killer. The Prince-Bishop was burned on the stake and since then Matthiue was overthrown with sadness. After the loss of his uncle the Crown-Cardinal had to choose a new one. He chose Matthiue as the succesor as he has heard of him before. After the death of Pope Clement XIII the new Elected Pope Pierre ll (the Crown-Cardinal whom granted him the Prince-Bishop title) titled him the Cardinal Secretary of State aswell.


1710 - 1780: Lord of Nassau

1726 - 1731: Seminarian

1731-1734: Priest

Febuari 1734 - August 1734: Monsignour

1734 - 1744: Bishop

1744 - present: Prince-Bishop of Dijon

1744 - present: Cardinal Secretary of State of the Papal States