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Grandelumiere is a Fictional Empire on the Western Coast of mainland Europe, encompassing the modern countries of Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland as well as north-western Italy and south-western Germany. Fictionally founded from the Duchy of Burgundy in the 1300's it has since evolved.

This wiki is used as an in-world guide to the Empire, from the court system, titles, income, taxation, buildings and the nobility, imperials and citizens who call the Empire home.

Everyone who is a member of the Empire is entitled to make pages, whether those pages be about their character, family, residences, House or pages needed for the Empire as a whole. Pages can be edited by anyone with reason, if any information should conflict.


While anyone may make a page or edit a page at their leisure, it should be advised that these pages can be edited by admins. There are several terms to keep in mind while creating or reading wiki entries;

  1. Your wiki can be removed/edited without prior warning: If your wiki contradicts current entries then it will be edited to fit the accepted timeline of events by admins or those affected by the information. Pages will be removed if they are considered offensive or completely against recognised events to a degree that is not easily edited.
  2. Public knowledge of events: If certain information on your wiki is expressly private, such as per se, having had stolen money, then that information is not public knowledge within roleplay. One cannot simply 'know' the truth of everyone alive. While the majority of your information of your character will probably be public knowledge, you should make clear any information held private.
  3. Acts against public acceptance: While all court behaviour is only meant in the terms of roleplay and not a personal matter, keep in mind your backstory. Those with backstories which lower their pedigree, such as being illegitimate, marrying a commoner or behaving in a manner considered beneath the nobility, will be treated as such. Those with lower pedigree will be passed over for court positions and will be held in lower regard.
  4. Character pictures: You should ensure that the pictures used in your public profile are all of the same person. It is problematic to have various people in your profile, not least because it is oftentimes noticeable, but also because it reduces choice of pictures for others. Please keep in mind that you are not the sole profile on here.

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Empire of Grandulemiere Flag

Empire of Grandulemiere Flag

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